Paws In Motion

Paws In Motion

Prosthetics and Braces for your Pet

We are a full-service facility offering braces, prosthetics and carts to animals. Paws in Motion offers our board-certified practitioners to evaluate and custom fabricate your pet’s device in our fabrication lab located on site.

During your exam you will meet with our practioner, veterinary technician, and fabrication technician to help decide which is the best option for you and your pet. We also guarantee the device for the lifetime of the animal.

Types of Braces

Paws in Motion does many types of bracing for animals, below is our most common braces but we are not limited to just these.

Knee (Stifle) Brace

Reasons need: ACL/CCL Tears & Injuries, Instability of Knee

Knee bracing can provide increased support and comfort to your animals’ leg to help keep mobility an option with or without surgery. Our control strap restricts movement of the tibia to help minimize pain. Our adjustable straps accommodate muscle strengthening to help provide more stability in the knee. This also allows scar tissue to form over time which increases knee stability. The joints we use help replicate the complex movement of your animals’ knee (stifle) joint for better range of motion.

Carpal Brace

Reasons Needed: Radial & Humeral Injury to Nerve or Joint, Carpal Collapse, Management of Carpal instability.

Carpal braces are designed for your animal to correct symptoms such as non-weight bearing, collapsing, hyperextension, lameness or limping. Carpal Braces can provide long term support to allow healing and keep proper alignment. Provides protection from paw knuckling and reinjury. With every animal being different, our practitioners will go over environment, activity, and mobility to determine the best option for you and your animal.

Elbow Brace

Reasons Needed: Joint Diseases, Injury, Instability, Arthritis

Elbow instability or injuries can cause limping and pain for your animal. The brace design is to help with quality of life for you and your animal by providing support and stabilization in the animals’ elbow. Elbow braces also help reduce the chances of hyperextension or luxation of the elbow joint, as well as medial and lateral stability.


Paws in Motion is proud to be able to help our animal amputees. Studies have showed that when an animal loses a limb, the animal will alter its body position to be able to stay mobile. While this happens, it can lead to issues in other areas of the body. Increasing the risk of osteoarthritis and other joint problems. With providing a custom prosthesis for your animal as soon as possible we can help eliminate those problems and keep your animal up and moving while keeping the best possible alignment of the body. Our prosthetics are all guaranteed the life of the pet, as well as an only 1-time exam fee. All adjustments are at no cost to you!

Hock Brace

Reasons Needed: Achilles Tendon Injury, Fracture Management, Osteosarcoma, Arthritis, Knuckling, Sprain

When your pet is limping due to discomfort caused by an injury or instability our brace can help by providing short- or long-term support. The brace also helps maintain proper alignment of the hock and paw for optimal healing and stability.

Mobility Carts

Some of the benefits of a custom cart:

  • Custom-built, tailored and engineered to match your pet’s disability and body shape.
  • Welded, padded saddle gives your pet solid support on its pelvic floor, eliminating chafing to delicate soft tissue.
  • Lightweight solid aluminum construction with wheels to match your pet’s terrain.
  • Adjustable for height and length.
  • Our exclusive Variable axle carts allow owners to change the balance of the cart to compensate for increasing weakness in the front legs for dogs with degenerative myelopathy.
  • Easy to use, indestructible and warrantied for the life of your pet.


“Knowledge staff who truly care for the animals! If you are even considering a brace or wheelchair for your pet, give them a call!” Mandy

“The staff here is amazing!!! They are very kind and made me feel comfortable throughout the process! I left there feeling totally confident in using the brace! I love that they truly care about the dogs! I am very optimistic about my pups future! He is able to put weight on his leg! He hasn’t been able to in weeks! I would definitely recommend them!!” Ashley

“We checked out Paws in Motion and met the staff! Their team and what they provide for animals is Amazing!! We seen ndless pictures of life changing hope and heard stories of inspiration! Christian and I highly recommend this practice for anyone who needs to give there beloved pet a better quality of life!” ♥️Loribeth